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We teach, coach and mentor you and your employees to analyze and control your most important processes.
You will learn how to study, think, and apply new innovations to solving problems that drive bottom-line improvements.


Client-centered solutions

 Many course participants are required to bring actual company problems to class.  By requiring clients to tackle real company issues, LSI assures an immediate impact on the bottom line.

 LSI will train and consult using your preferred software package.

 Our ultra-small class sizes (5-15) often allow us to provide private on-site courses on your schedule.


Cross-industry experience

 In single company private courses, instructors are selected based upon their experience with your industryThis service allows LSI to provide an unparalleled degree of flexibility and customization.

 Our consultants and instructors have experience in a broad range of industries.  From healthcare, finance, and pharmaceuticals, to hotels and manufacturing, we have an expert that understands the challenges unique to your business.


Combining theory and practice

The LSI team works on the cutting edge of process improvement theory.  Advanced degrees in a variety of fields allows LSI to leave no stone unturned when it comes to applying, new, complex innovations to your business.


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