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No one size fits all…

Whether you are in health care, finance, pharmaceuticals, service, manufacturing, or any other industry,  LodeStar will customize training to fit your distinct position on your improvement journey.

Our instructors have conducted training and consulting for many companies including Nortel Networks, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Agilent Technologies, Ventana Medical Systems, Novo Nordisk Pharmaceutical, Quintiles, Wachovia, Solectron, Sara Lee, Johnson & Johnson, Wonderbra, Hanes, Joanne Fabrics, Home Depot, Motorola, BOC Gases, AW, Digital Optics, Woodard, Freudenberg, American Lumber, and more

"Dear Dr. T.
I hope this letter finds you well.  Iím writing in appreciation of the help you have given our company in the past few months.  The tools that my colleagues and I learned in the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt class have proven valuable in improving processes in our plants.  Your methods of teaching go beyond bookwork, to utilizing real world techniques that make them easier to understand. 
We are excited about the prospects of teaming up with Lodestar on future projects in the coming months.  Again, it has been a pleasure to work with your organization."   Mark Bartoe, American Lumber Co.


"Being in a very subjective service business,  I have to admit I was somewhat skeptical the Six Sigma Training Program would do anything but add some additional burden to our rapidly growing responsibilities. But, like any good romance novels it finished with the heroine being saved and I feel we are now saved.

The training taught us to take a subjective business (Customer Service) turn it into a measurable objective process, capture the key data points, then analyze, improve and then provide continuous improvement going forward. Additionally we learned to stop the analysis paralyses caldron we always got into, put a stake in the ground and focus on continuous improvement. We now rely on our experts and not decisions by committee.
Dr. T and his team were excellent during the training. Their scheduling flexibility was awesome, they tailored the class to our needs, but as I learned when we finished I fully understood Six Sigma and could apply it any scenario."

       Don Winn
       Nortel Networks

"Tony has been working with the Board of Trustees of our organization for more than six months now.  While at first skeptical of how a Six Sigma program could be applied to our operations he succeeded in obtaining a high level of buy-in and commitment to the process.  As can be imagined in a small volunteer-run organization, there was very little available in consistent documentation of roles and responsibilities or processes to begin with, let alone measurable indicators and objectives.

 Although we still have a long way to go, I have been most impressed with Tonyís skills, not just in the technical aspects of Six Sigma and its application (which are excellent), but in his human skills in recognizing and dealing with resistance in the group, getting everyone on common footing, and ensuring that the program had the broad support required to succeed.  Inability of facilitators to effectively achieve this buy-in has been the downfall of previous programs in which I have been involved, so Tonyís strength in this area is particularly unique and valuable."

Richard Adamson
President, Board of Trustees

"The class that Dr.T. taught was the best class I have ever taken. He is one of the best teachers I have ever had. He mentored the class with the real projects that students brought to the class with additional practical examples and ensured that the students could apply the skills to real world problems.When consulting for groups Dr.T. resists the urge to give solutions upon request instead he empowers the group to higher levels of insight so they may create meaningful solutions on their own."

Alan Mele
Small Business owner

"Since Dr. Tony has been working with our organization, we have come together as a board in a powerful way. Tony has created processes that have helped us  step-back and look at what is really working and what is really not working, The process has been the refreshing insight that has brought our organizational leaders together in a dynamic and structured way. His work here has created a culture of accountability that is stretching us into greatness. He is teaching us the importance of the basics of Six Sigma and we are learning how to measure all our processes so we can have a true picture of where we are and create a realistic picture of where we want to be in the coming years.

Tonyís pleasant way of staying on target and dialoging with everyone has made a complex situation easy to assess. This does take a lot of work up front but the results are immediate because of the working systems he puts us in place. The work we are doing with Tony has made us work together so that everyone knows what everyone else is doing and responsible for. The days of guessing are over. We know who is responsible for what processes because we have broken everything down to its simplest form."

Mark Accomando
Center for Conscious Living

"I would like to express my praise for Dr. T. as an instructor. He exudes a thorough understanding of his subject and imparts a wealth of knowledge. His enthusiasm and excitement extends to the class. I have learned and implemented the material into my everyday life and I hope that he continues to impact many more eager students. "

Mae Burks
Duke Healthcare

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