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Statistical Quality Control (SQC)  Register
(a.k.a., Statistical Process Control, SPC )
No matter what kind of quality system you have, Statistical Quality Control  can used in "the control" phase of your Six Sigma project or just to monitor and maintain your business as a dashboard for your organization. It is effectively used to enhance decisions and monitor processes in operations, manufacturing, customer service, health care, finance, and quality assurance.

Course Objectives

 Understand the role of SQC in business

 Learn to design flowcharts

 Be able to create cause and effect and Pareto diagrams

 Understand the dual function of control charts

 Understand the relationship between hypothesis testing and control charts

 Recognize Common cause vs special cause variation

 Understand the most commonly used control charts, Xbar, R, S, p and Capability indices, Cp, Cpk,Cpm

 Become familiar with advanced charting techniques: EWMA, CUSUM charts


Who Should Attend?

SQC is ideal for Six Sigma Black Belts, Green Belts, consultants, SPC facilitators, quality managers and engineers, health care specialists and IT professionals.



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