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“Theory without action is a daydream,
but action without theory is a costly nightmare.”



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"Dear Dr. T.
I hope this letter finds you well.  I’m writing in appreciation of the help you have given our company in the past few months.  The tools that my colleagues and I learned in the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt class have proven valuable in improving processes in our plants.  Your methods of teaching go beyond bookwork, to utilizing real world techniques that make them easier to understand. 
We are excited about the prospects of teaming up with Lodestar on future projects in the coming months.  Again, it has been a pleasure to work with your organization."   Mark Bartoe

No matter where you are in your improvement journey, whether it is Lean Six Sigma or execution of a specific project, we can help!
LSI offers a full spectrum of custom mentoring and consulting in addition to training courses in DFSS, Lean, Lean Six Sigma, DOE and more.

For more details or questions e-mail us
or call 919 772 1132.
We understand that each company may be on a different step of the process improvement journey and will tailor an improvement program to fit your distinct position.

Beyond Your First Project…..

Our customized consulting and mentoring services identify your needs and empower you to succeed with future challenges. We mentor on individual projects for breakthrough performance and for sustainable excellence.

Bigger Picture....
If you are thinking about Lean Six Sigma deployment for your company, we can help you see the bigger picture with best practices so you don't have to reinvent the wheel. Each engagement begins with a consultation to identify the needs and goals of your organization, from which a roadmap for improvement is drawn.  Many engagements involve the participation of your employees. Mentoring on specific projects or training in a particular subject are just two tools LSI can use to help you realize breakthrough performance.

We teach, coach and mentor you and your employees to analyze and control your most important processes.
You will learn how to study, think, and apply new innovations to solving problems that drive bottom-line improvements.


Need to determine your ROI on your quality project quickly and cost-effectively? 

We don't just teach you but enable you to help yourself. We train and mentor our clients so that they can continue learning and applying their skills to new problems.


No one size fits all…

Whether you are in health care, finance, pharmaceuticals, service, manufacturing, or any other industry,  LodeStar will customize training to fit your distinct position on your improvement journey.

Our instructors have conducted training and consulting for many companies including Nortel Networks, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Agilent Technologies, Ventana Medical Systems, Novo Nordisk Pharmaceutical, Quintiles, Wachovia, Solectron, Sara Lee, Johnson & Johnson, Wonderbra, Hanes, Joanne Fabrics, Home Depot, Motorola, BOC Gases, AW, Digital Optics, Woodard, Freudenberg, American Lumber

LSI offers training and  Yellow/Green/Black Belt certifications in DFSS, Lean, Six Sigma in addition to quality tools training  and its applications, data exploration, Gauge- Measurement system analysis, Design of Experiments (DOE), Statistical process control (SPC), FMEA, Intro to reliability, and more.

For more information go to lsixsigma.com/lean_six_sigma_training_6sigma_training_calendar.htm to view a complete list of courses and register  or request a new course or call us at 1.919.772.1132.

Why is Process Improvement Important?

Process improvement programs such as Lean and Six Sigma consistently result in increased customer satisfaction, efficiency, and profitability. 
Six Sigma projects, on average, return $250,000 to the bottom line and a Six Sigma black belt can complete as many as four projects per year!



LodeStar Institute (LSI) is a recognized leader in Six Sigma, Lean Sigma, business process improvement and redesign or re-engineer by converting significant new data-based methodologies into widely accessible, high performance training and solutions.

Do you want to increase your customer satisfactions and reduce your defect rate in your business, services and products?

Then let the dedicated LSI team of experts help you get to near perfection and turn your processes into sustainable profit.

Check out our 2009 schedule for new classes

Please let us know if don't see what you are looking for!

Client-centered solutions

¨ Many course participants are required to bring actual company problems to class.  By requiring clients to tackle real company issues, LSI assures an immediate impact on the bottom line.

¨ LSI will train and consult using your preferred software package.

¨ Our small class sizes often allow us to provide private on-site courses on your schedule.

 Cross-industry experience

¨ In single company private courses, instructors are selected based upon their experience with your industryThis service allows LSI to provide an unparalleled degree of flexibility and customization.

¨ Our consultants and instructors have experience in a broad range of industries.  From healthcare, finance, and pharmaceuticals, to hotels and manufacturing, we have an expert that understands the challenges unique to your business.

 Combining theory and practice

The LSI team works on the cutting edge of process improvement theory.  Advanced degrees in a variety of fields allows LSI to leave no stone unturned when it comes to applying, new, complex innovations to your business.  



Don’t see the perfect class?

Because of our small class sizes, new courses are constantly being created. 
e-mail usand let us know when and where you would like to take a course and we will try to create one that fits your needs.


New Horizons

We are constantly developing new curriculums based upon our customers’ needs.  Tell us about any new courses and dates you would like us to provide.


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