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Register PDCA-Problem Solving Training

Determining what your customers want and improving your processes are critical to organizational success.  This one-day problem solving class will teach your organization how to  identify and eliminate the root causes of unforeseen fundamental problems. You will be able to tackle such problems from to the smallest to the largest and improve your processes.

The most valuable tools and concepts of problem solving are introduced here.   


Course Objectives

 Learn the popular the problem solving and process improvement cycles

 Learn to use PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle to solve problems or improve processes

 Learn how to identify The Problem

 Analyze The Problem

 Understand and determine customer requirements

 Grasp basics of accurate data collection techniques and how to create information

 Gain knowledge to use basic analytics to analyze and present data

 Develop and implement Solutions


Who Should Attend?

This course will introduce the majority of the workforce to basic problem solving-PDCA concepts. Process improvement teams, Reliability professionals, quality managers/engineers, R&D-manufacturing managers/engineers, physicians, financial services managers, government administrators, IT professionals, chemists, sales managers, and many others.  As such, those in service and transactional industries like banking, finance, healthcare, hotel management, and distribution are encouraged to attend. 



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