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DFSS 101 - Introduction to Design for Six Sigma


This course is designed for those interested in how Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) can be applied to their organization as well as for those who wish to gain the basic skills necessary to manage DFSS deployment in their organizations. 

Special emphasis is placed on resource requirements, implementation designs, and the lean way.

This course will address the 5 leading issues in the service industry, which are customer satisfaction, cost reduction, value improvement, change management and process performance measurements. Determining what your customers want is critical to organizational success.  DFSS Green Belts are the primary link between your organizationís process/product development and your customer.  They are on the front lines when assessing customer requirements and collecting data.  Traditionally this course is taught in two 4-day segments to maximize learning. The most valuable and most widely used tools and concepts of DFSS in service environment are introduced in this course.  Participants are encouraged to bring a real work project from their company to the class to apply tools and techniques real time (we can help with project selection.)  Instructor(s) will mentor participants with the project.  This allows real gains and real applications to be made during the course. A certification of completion will be provided which may be used for recertification credits. A DFSS Green Belt certification is granted upon passing the final exam and completion of in-class project reviewed and approved by LSI. Participants will be able to run Green Belt projects and participate in Black Belt projects

Course Objectives

® Understand the applicability of Lean Sigma and other process based methodologies to your organization

® Become conscious of the resources required for successful implementation

® Gain respect for the pitfalls that plague unsuccessful projects

® Recognize the fundamental value of lean manufacturing.

® See the next step toward Kaizen  performance


Who Should Attend?

Executives, engineers, quality managers, engineers, students and those interested in learning more about how to use process-based methodologies to create sustainable value.



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