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Register Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training

8 days , 56 instructional hours
4.2 Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
 This is the preferred course for those interested in how Six Sigma and Lean can be applied to their organization as well as for those who wish gain the basic skills necessary to run Six Sigma projects.  It is designed to change the way you think, at home and at work.

 Determining what your customers want is critical to organizational success.  Green belts are the primary link between your organization and your customer.  They are on the front lines when assessing customer requirements and collecting data.  Typically Lean Six Sigma implementation teams are comprised of a black belt along with several green belts.  Green belts also lead small-to-medium projects with savings of $20,000-$100,000 per project.

The most valuable  and most widely used tools and concepts of Six Sigma and Lean are introduced in this course. 
Participants are encouraged to bring a real project from their company to the class (we can help with project selection.)  Instructor(s) will mentor participants with the project.  This allows real gains and real applications to be made during the course. Savings made in the first project can greatly exceed the cost of the course.
Here you can read guidelines for a successful Green Belt Project in addition to consulting the instructor prior to the start of your class.   

Course Objectives

 Understand the role, relevance, and potential of Six Sigma and Lean in process improvement

 Be familiar with the DMAIC methodology (define, measure, analyze, improve, control)

 Understanding and determining customer requirements

 Grasp basics of accurate data collection techniques and how to create information from simple tools

 Familiarize participants with the foundations of graphical analysis and basic Six Sigma analytics.

 You will be able to run green belt projects and participate in black belt projects


Who Should Attend?

This course will introduce the majority of the workforce to Lean Sigma concepts.   It is for any and all industries from healthcare, financial companies such as banks-insurances, call centers to high tech manufacturing. Service and manufacturing customizations are available.
It is designed  to change the way you think, at home and at work.  As such, we have had a difficult time not recommending this course to everyone.  However, if you intend to organize and manage Six Sigma projects, we recommend the more comprehensive Six Sigma Black Belt training.   


  • Lean Six Sigma overview
  • Defining Lean Six Sigma Projects
  • Process mapping
  • Basic Graphical tools, Cause and effect, Run charts, Histograms, Pareto Charts, Box, Scatter Plots
  • Data collection
  • Introduction to SigmaXL/MINITAB
  • Graphical analysis
  • Basic Lean Six Sigma analytics;  stratification and variation
  • Design of experiments; factorial experiments
  • Statistical Process Control

For the course Dates please call our office at 1.919.772.1132


A certificate of completion will be awarded to each person who completes the training and passes the test given on the last day of the course. GB certification requires the completion of a project you bring from your company. LSI will travel to your plant to validate your work for the reimbursement of expenses.

What is included*:


Please see "Meet the Expert" for more information on the instructors.

*public classes only


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