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Register Lean Sigma Yellow Belt Training

4 days , 28 instructional hours
2.1 Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
The course is a Six Sigma team member training and highlights the basics of Lean Six Sigma and is targeted to a wide audience of team members who need familiarity with the overall process and the basic process improvement tools.
It is designed to provide a broad understanding of the Lean Six Sigma improvement methodology, concepts, and language, along with a complete toolbox of basic process improvement methods applied within a Six Sigma framework, including basic Statistical Process Control Charts. The Yellow Belt is needed to gather data, participate in problem solving, and add their expertise to the exploration process. A Yellow Belt typically has a basic knowledge of Lean and Six Sigma, and is often responsible for the development of process maps to support Six Sigma projects. A Yellow Belt participates as a core team member or subject matter expert on projects.
In addition, Yellow Belts may often be responsible for running smaller process improvement projects using the DMAIC methodology. The Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control methodology is presented with case studies and examples drawn from Service, Business Process, and Manufacturing applications. A certification is awarded upon passing a final exam. Upgradeable to Six Sigma Green Belt for additional week of training for those who would like to work through a company project with the coaching of the instructor.   

Course Objectives

  • Understand the benefits and implications of a Lean Six Sigma program, and relate Lean Six Sigma concepts to the overall business mission and objectives

  • Think about your organization as a collection of processes, with inputs that determine the output

  • Evaluate the capability of a process or organization

  • Recognize the five-step D-M-A-I-C model used to improve processes

  • Recognize the organizational factors that are necessary groundwork for a successful Six Sigma program

  • Understand and apply project Charter, Process Map, Affinity Diagram, CTQ Tree Diagram, Pareto Chart, Trend Chart, Control Chart, Histogram, Fishbone Diagram, 5-Why Analysis, Scatter Plots, FMEA, Benchmarking, Brainstorming, Error-proofing, and Control Plan


Who Should Attend?

This course will introduce the majority of the workforce to Lean Sigma concepts.   It is designed  to change the way you think, at home and at work.  As such, we have had a difficult time not recommending this course to everyone.  However, if you intend to organize and manage Six Sigma projects, we recommend the more comprehensive Six Sigma Green or Black Belt training.   


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